Classic board game chess

Chess is classic board game. Probably the most popular board game in the world, at least in Europe and in America.

chess Raffaello Sorbi - La partita a scacchi/Chess game


The rules of chess are on a lot of places:

Variant - Chess960

Chess960 is also known as Fisher random chess or Chess9LX. Chess960 employs the same board and pieces as classical chess, but the starting position of the pieces on the players' home ranks is randomized, following certain rules. The random setup makes gaining an advantage through the memorization of openings impracticable; players instead must rely more on their talent and creativity over the board.


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Variant - Crazyhouse

Crazyhouse is a popular chess variant similar to bughouse, but you only need two players to play. The basic premise of crazyhouse is that pieces which you capture from your opponent can be dropped on empty squares on your turn.

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Variant - Grand Chess

Grand Chess is a large-board chess variant invented by Dutch games designer Christian Freeling in 1984. GM Larry Kaufman has written that Grand Chess “really is an excellent game and deserves a bigger following”.


It is best to read about Grand Chess directly on the author’s website:


Variant - Seirawan Chess

Seirawan Chess was invented by GM Yasser Seirawan and Bruce Harper. In Seirawan Chess (S-chess) the rules are the same as in orthodox chess, except that two pieces, the Elephant and the Hawk, are placed in the reserve. The Elephant (Chancellor) combines the powers of a Rook and a Knight. It is comparable in strength to the Queen. The Hawk (Cardinal) combines the powers of a Bishop and a Knight. It is somewhat weaker than a Queen. These pieces are known from Capablanca’s Chess.

Whenever a piece leaves its initial square, one of the extra pieces can immediately be introduced to the vacant square. So this is a double move, comparable to castling. Should a player refrain from inserting his extra pieces at these occasions, then he has forfeited his chance of introducing them. When castling, one of the extra pieces can be placed on either of the squares left vacant, namely the corner square, or the e1/e8 square. Pawns can, additionally, promote to Elephant or Hawk.


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