Game inspired with game Blokus Duo 2005

Polyomino is a simple board game with polyominoes. The game can be played as a paper-and-pencil game.


  • Each player has a set of polyomino tiles, except in the hexa variant.
  • The first player places a blue polyomino tile and an orange polyomino tile.
  • The second player continues as the blue player or switches sides and the first player continue as the blue player.
  • The next tile must be placed so that it touches at least one tile of the same color with its corners. The edges of tiles of the same color must not touch.
  • If a player cannot place a tile, he passes.
  • When there is no move, game is finished. Player with the most tiles wins the game.


Mini. Game on the board 8x8. Each player has 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos and 5 tetrominos.

Small. Game on the board 12x12. Each player has two sets from mini variant.

Penta. Game on the board 14x14. Each player has 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos, 5 tetrominos and 12 pentominoes.

Hexa. Game on the board 20x20. The game is played only with one common set of pieces: 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos, 5 tetrominos, 12 pentominos and 35 hexominos.

Last modified July 31, 2021: Game rules (08d2809)