Golem word game

The game was created especially for Little Golem.


Golem’s word game is word game for two players. Target of game is finding words on board. Each player takes out tiles from board and these tiles are replaced by other tiles from bag. Order of tiles in bag is known. Players score according to the rules. Player with higher score at the end of game is winner. Game has three parts:

1. Auction, bidding

Player, who wants to have first move in game, must offer points for second player. Who offers more points, will start game. This happens, because first player can have decisive advantage.

2. Middle game

Player must create proper English word or choose only one tile. Players get points for chosen tiles. These tiles are replaced from board and another tiles from bug are put on the board. Two tiles are marked as ‘’. They are ‘wild’ tiles. You can use this tile as any group of letters (at least one). For example you can create word TI, because it is word TAXI.

Scoring. The sum of values of used tiles makes the score for word. When word is created at least from three tiles and when is used red tile, value is tripled, when is used blue tile, value is doubled. For example word WAIT has score 18 points. When word is created from 7 or more tiles, value is doubled. For example word OUTWAIT has score 54 points.

3. Ending

At the end of game, the bag is empty and board is not full of tiles.

Now is possible to connect tiles across empty fields. For example word TATTOO - 54 points is correct.

Last modified July 31, 2021: Game rules (08d2809)